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A game about rebuilding the past.


‘For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.’

— Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene,
Book V, Canto II

Ruins are stories, but in fragments. They are haunted by the question: ‘What happened here?’ Give voice to the ruins of the island of Archangel, piece by piece.

Conversations. With places.


Coming to Mac, PC (and Switch, if that works out) when it’s darn good and ready.


Archangel is an island of ruins. Listen to them. Use what you learn and what you know to piece together the past.

The Resurrection is a meditative, time travel game where you hold conversations with the ruins of the island of Archangel. The more carefully you listen, the more the conversation opens up. As you find key fragments and artifacts among the ruins, you will have more options within the conversation and more moments in time to visit. Together, you and Archangel will tell the island’s story, pushing it deeper and deeper into time. Because the story unfolds as a conversation the details and depth of that story will be different for every player. Your Archangel will not be the same as my Archangel. The past is a creative fiction constructed by the present. Your past will be different from mine.


Matchstick Cathedral


MatchstickCathedral is Anthony Masinton, an archaeologist who works with standing and ruined buildings, especially medieval churches and cathedrals. He has been making a living as a 3d environment artist and app developer for archaeologists, historians, museums, and heritage sites for quite a few years now. He used to teach and research this stuff with the truly excellent students and staff of the University of York, in the original York, England. Then, he upped-sticks and moved to the edges of the Spanish Peaks Wilderness in Colorado where he runs a library and continues to build dreams of the past. He has a PhD in Medieval Studies and thinks it would be pretty cool if someone referred to him as ‘Doc Mass’.


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