Dr Anthony Masinton
Based in southern Colorado

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twitter: @amasinton

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PC | TBD (Switch would be lovely)



The Resurrection is a time travel game where the player reconstructs the ruins of an island settlement through conversations with the environment. The goal is to answer the question: ‘What happened here?’ As the player explores the abandoned island of Archangel they will uncover the ruins left behind by the inhabitants. Ruins react to the player by offering a set of options about how they appeared in the past. Choosing an option reveals further reconstruction possibilities as the ruins are restored during the ‘conversation’. The player will also uncover fragments and artifacts which will unlock further conversation options and allow the player to time travel to more and more points in the island’s past, discovering further ruins and further hints to why Archangel was abandoned. Because each conversation will take different branches, the final reconstructed island and the story it tells will be subtly different for each player.


Anthony Masinton is an archaeologist (no surprise there) who majors in standing and ruined buildings, especially medieval European religious buildings. He holds a PhD in Medieval Studies (you can get his dissertation from the British Library, if you have trouble sleeping). For over fifteen years he has worked in the fields of buildings archaeology and digital archaeology, teaching and researching ancient buildings. Until recently he was based at the University of York, UK, but, along with his family, made the decision to begin a new life at the feet of the Rocky Mountains in southern Colorado where he is now the director of a small public library. He still dreams of time travel.


  • A beautiful island landscape inhabited by ghosts and the ruins of centuries.

  • A building system structured like the branching conversation systems of narrative games and visual novels.

  • Leap from moment to moment through time as you use the artifacts you discover to explore the island through millennia, changing the future as you change the past.

  • Learn a thing or two about architecture, history, and medieval legends.